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0028860mantisbtlocalizationpublic2023-08-29 04:48
Reporterdregad Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.20.0 
Target Version2.26.0 
Summary0028860: Incorrectly configured serbo-croatian (sh) language
Description maintains a translation file strings_sh.txt (was added back in 2019 - MantisBT master 5c312ead ).

There are several issues with that:

  • The file name does not follow our naming convention (should be strings_serbo_croatian.txt)
  • Language code sh is deprecated according to
  • The language is not defined in configuration ($g_language_choices_arr, $g_language_auto_map)
Additional Information

This issue was discovered following resolution of 0028648.

Follows discussion in #translatewiki IRC channel

==== 01-06-2021 ====
10:42:48 — @dregad: Greetings, I have a question regarding serbo-croatian language (sh)
10:43:05 — @dregad: Apparently this code is "deprecated"
10:43:55 — @dregad: Not really sure what that means, or what are the implications
10:45:41 — @dregad: So it is now a "macro language"
10:45:59 — @dregad: Is it still valid and maintained in Translatewiki ?
10:48:46 — @Nikerabbit: dregad: it's enabled yes
10:49:00 — @Nikerabbit: but it seems inactive
10:51:41 — @dregad: I am asking, because following the new hindi translations for MantisBT you fixed yesterday, I checked for other occurrences of languages for which there are translations, that are not configured in Mantis code
10:51:53 — @dregad: And I found sh and eo
10:53:32 — @dregad: So I checked the ISO codes to know what they were and found out about the sh thing - the language was added in 2019, and there's been a few updates since then
10:55:02 — @dregad: If it's active on Translatewiki, I guess we can ignore the ISO deprecated status and use it
10:55:59 — @dregad: Nikerabbit I would need you to rename the files though, as you did for hindi
11:15:40 — @Nikerabbit: I can ask my colleaugue if they have more insight into sh
11:43:06 — @dregad: Nikerabbit: cheers ! For sh, depending on your colleague's feedback of course, it should be
11:43:10 — @dregad: strings_sh.txt => strings_serbo_croatian.txt

==== 02-06-2021 ====
13:13:15 — @dregad: Nikerabbit: did you hear anything about sh language?
13:14:10 — @Nikerabbit: dregad: I'm considering to disable it for all projects except for mediawiki
13:14:55 — @Nikerabbit: now afk for a couple of hours

==== 07-06-2021 ====
10:33:43 — @dregad: > <> dregad: I'm considering to disable it for all projects except for mediawiki

Nikerabbit: did you reach a decision on disabling the sh language ? I'd like to know if I need to fix the invalid filename 'strings_sh.txt' in MantisBT (it should be 'strings_serbo-croatian.txt') or just ignore it.
11:01:24 — @Nikerabbit: dregad: ha sorry for not being very proactive on this thing, I am training last and this week with little bandwidth for other things. My suggestion would be to just ignore it and I'll look into disabling in the future.
11:03:02 — @dregad: OK. No worries and thanks for the feedback

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2021-08-07 11:47

developer   ~0065736

Just pinged Nikerabbit on IRC.



2022-05-22 12:28

developer   ~0066620

Noticed that the problem still has not been solved on side... Pinged Nikerabbit again.



2022-06-14 07:32

developer   ~0066744

TranslateWiki Support thread



2023-08-29 04:48

developer   ~0068040

According to [1],

sh has been removed from supported languages of MantisBT.

The lang/strings_sh.txt file still exists, and the warning is raised when running test_lang.php