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READ THIS before posting to this forum section

Posted: 14 Feb 2018, 23:43
by Starbuck
This applies to all posts to this forum. Thank you.

Please post general Q&A about a specific plugin to its "About" thread if it exists.
This will help others to find information in one place and to create a FAQ list if required.

Please visit the plugin repo (and look at the code) before asking about plugin functionality.
Please search the entire MantisBT forum for relevant keywords, including the plugin name, before posting a new inquiry.

Please start a new thread:
  • if you are working with modified code
  • for assistance with site-specific features
  • for complex scenarios
  • for detailed discussions
Please start a new thread and/or open an Issue in the plugin repo:
  • for enhancement requests
  • to report detailed, verified issues
When starting a new thread, please create one thread/report per topic rather than voicing many concerns in one post.

Developers may not be aware of change requests in this forum.
If you do not get adequate help here (after some time) please follow links to contact developers directly.