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Non-latin characters in csv import

Posted: 13 Apr 2021, 20:26
by mhamburg
My csv import does not work with non-latin characters. Even though I am using Unicode UTF-8 in the csv file as indicated, and the special characters are displayed correctly by OpenOffice, the import fails with an error message that the number of collumns varies in the rows. The special characters lead to more columns, line breaks and other issues.
Especially I have trouble with:
- Apostrophes and special quotation marks
- Ellipsis (dot-dot-dot)
- Chinese characters
- Extended Latin characters (Danish, Hungarian, etc.)
- Line breaks.
Can anyone help me?

Re: Non-latin characters in csv import

Posted: 08 Sep 2022, 15:07
Hi Dou you stil have trouble?
I have also problem with special characters.

Re: Non-latin characters in csv import

Posted: 08 Sep 2022, 15:09
I imported more hundreds of issues with csv import.
When I want to search / filter it is no result, except I click the imported issue edit button and save it manually.
When I search/filter again, only the edited issues will be results.
How can I solve these problem?

I realised, that the international charachters are stored in the database as "&aacute".
But when edit, is stored as "รก"

I suppose here something in import_issues_inc.php:
# Convert special chars to html entities
$t_file_content = mb_convert_encoding($t_file_raw_content, 'HTML-ENTITIES', "UTF-8");