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does not contain a method named 'mc_issue_get'

Posted: 16 May 2022, 14:51
by Firmbyte
I'm migrating from PowerShell 5.1 to version 7.2 and a process that works fine in 5.1 is failing in 7.2 and I don't know why.
Mantis v1.2.20

This is what I'm doing:

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$mantisurl = "" 
$mantis = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $mantisurl
$ticketdetails = $mantis.mc_issue_get($UserName,$Password,$Ticket)
In 5.1 it returns the expected information. But in 7.2 it returns an error:

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InvalidOperation: Method invocation failed because [Deserialized.Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.NewWebserviceProxy.AutogeneratedTypes.WebServiceProxy1pi_soap_mantisconnect_php_wsdl.MantisConnect] does not contain a method named 'mc_issue_get'.
What's the problem and how do I work around it?