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CRON Errors

Posted: 19 Dec 2022, 19:39
by aallord
My host only runs cron using HTTP get so I configured it first for

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The email error notice from the host indicated a 404; however no 404 occurs when following the link directly. I did set security to allow the browser to call this script.

Reading deeper into the documentation I discovered where it says to use this

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I reset the security to not allow the first script directly from the browser. Copied and pasted this URL into the browser, returning a white screen. No emails are retrieved.

Is the security in plugin.php so that it can only run from a cron on the server to trigger receiving emails?

I updated one of three crons (my host only runs once, morning, afternoon, evening and night) at random times determined by the host and not the same time twice.

Is there a way to test this without the cron?
Can I configure it to run off of a timer to manually call it and have it run?

I would like to have it check for new tickets than 4 times per day.

Any help/suggestions how to configure this properly would be greatly appreciated.

Re: CRON Errors

Posted: 21 Dec 2022, 14:26
by SL-Gundam
This one
aallord wrote: 19 Dec 2022, 19:39...

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Should be

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It should at the very least show this when run

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Start checking all mailboxes: Wednesday 21st of December 2022 15:25:06

Done checking all mailboxes
You can run the mentioned scripts as desired from any browser as long as you leave this empty: ... red_ipaddr
But it is advised that you fill in the proper IP address for security reasons after testing is done.
Getting the proper IP used by the cron job might be challenging. Propbably best to dump any output by the page to a log file using the cron job so that you can check the that for whether it works properly.

Re: CRON Errors

Posted: 21 Dec 2022, 15:07
by aallord
I already had that setting blank and tested going to the script in a browser (/plugins/EmailReporting/scripts/bug_report_mail.php). Nothing logged when doing it this way, with logging on. I've even tried (/plugin.php?page=EmailReporting/bug_report_mail) both in the browser and set as a cron, as recommended in the docs. Even in the browser emails are not returned.

I've tested the connection to SMTP mail server and that is successful.

On the server cron, if I use https it always returns to whatever is running it, 404. If I use http it returns 301 as an error.

I realize on this server, currently a development shared host cron is limited in control and even error reporting I get. I'm at the mercy of whatever they are doing.

Re: CRON Errors

Posted: 12 Jan 2023, 18:45
by SL-Gundam
EmailReporting does not use an SMTP server.
EmailReporting uses a POP3 or IMAP server.

You can increase error reporting in MantisBT by adding the following to config_inc.php.

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$g_show_detailed_errors	= ON;

$g_display_errors = array(