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CVS Access


This article aims at helping developers with commit access to Mantis CVS to get the latest code and submit their changes.

I would suggest reading the following documentation:

How to check out Mantis code?

  • Go to the directory that you want to create the Mantis source code under. Typically this is the wwwroot or htdocs directory, so that the code is accessible from your web server.
  • Right click and choose CVS Checkout, which will show the following form. Enter the details shown below and replace “vboctor” with your source forge user name. You must be registered on sourceforge and have developer access to Mantis.


  • We are extracting to default directory name (“mantisbt”) and “checkout” which means that this will be a development work area including the CVS meta data. To get a distribution copy (i.e. without CVS meta data), then use the export option.


  • The options folder below shows that we are getting the latest version of the code (not a branch).


  • You can move the directory or rename it at any time and it will still be usable.
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