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Update Mantis to link to

The official Mantis Bug Tracker website was changed temporarily to, this page will guide you through the process of linking back to if you happened to have a Mantis release which links to (these are 1.0.6 and 1.1.0a1). It will be greatly appreciated if you can update your Mantis installation and your website to point to You can do that as follows:

  • mantis/config_defaults_inc.php - Replace “” with “”. You should find two instances that refer to the manual.
  • mantis/core/html_api.php - Replace “” with “”. You should find four instances that refer to

Please apply the same changes to any other links that you may have to Mantis website.

mantisbt/link_to_new_website.txt · Last modified: 2011/11/16 07:34 by atrol

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