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Author: Victor Boctor


  • Typically they have experience in packaging products or are the packagers for Mantis for one or more distributions. [giallu: I think it is very unlikely to be the packager on more of one distro, not a big deal though…]
  • The packaging team will have CVS commit access (same access level as Mantis developers and globalization team).

Ownership of Packaging Code

  • Focus on streamlining the Mantis packaging process.
  • Responsible for maintaining unattended install / upgrade for Mantis.

Communication with Linux Distributions

  • Maintain a list of Linux distributions that include Mantis.
  • Maintain a list of Linux distributions that we should approach to include Mantis. [giallu: do we really want to actively do this? ]
  • Keep close communication with Mantis packagers and Linux distributions.
  • Responsible for integrating patches supplied to them by Mantis packagers.
  • Work with Linux Distributions that provide a list of issues that need to be done for them to include Mantis.
  • Communicate to packagers and Linux distributions that only Mantis stable releases should be included in their distributions (whether stable or unstable). [giallu: this is not easy for all distros. For example, anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong, debian stable is “stable” in the sense it will not change much overtime, and that only critical fixes are applied to packages, usually by backporting the patch]
  • Packagers can also use the “Contact Us” page to send emails to myself (vboctor) directly, then I can address or re-direct them to the appropriate news group or individuals.

Security Bugs and Advisories

[giallu: this whole section seems quite orthogonal to the packaging issue; of course distro packagers are interested in security issues/patches, but this list seems more suited for a security team, not a packaging one]

  • Manage the process of porting security bugs to the latest stable branch and make sure there are bugs to track such porting work (with summary starting with “Port:” prefix and adding a relationship of type “related”).
  • Make sure that security fixes have the required level of documentation to support the process of creating security advisories.
  • Maintain a list of sites on which we would like to submit our new advisories.
  • Decide and maintain the format of the security advisory.
  • Author and publish security advisories.
  • Make sure security bugs cross references security advisories (e.g. include CVE in summary).
  • Make sure security bugs are reported as private and are changed to public once a stable release is released.
  • Make sure the security category is used “wisely” in the bug tracker.
    • Duplicate security issues should be marked as such.
    • If there are N security issues that indirectly refer to the same issue, then they a parent issue should be created and that is the one that should be documented, fixed, included in the change log, and published as a security advisory.
  • Security fixes should include a description of the fix. It can be explanation of how to apply the fix, a patch, etc. This should allow packagers to apply the fix, users who are not ready to upgrade to also do the same.
  • Advisories that are hosted on the Mantis website will be hosted on the wiki and will be all linked from an index page. The index page should include a table with information like: date, CVE, bug #s, versions affected, and summary.
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